I will preface this by saying, I have perfectionist tendencies yet I am full of imperfection.

And as happens each year – my will to garden wilts in the blasted high summer heat and then fades and dies by fall. Even after the miserable heat and high humidity has left and the gentle days of fall have settled in, I find myself unwilling to step outside. My interests turn to other things…

  • Fall activities with the kiddo
  • Planning my winter house projects (organizing, painting…hibernating)
  • Teaching more classes (I get a surge in the fall)
  • Craft projects I’ve been putting off when the weather was warm
  • Holidays

By the end of January I will be itching to dig my fingers into the dirt. I will peer out of the windows, frosted with ice, and wistfully dream of spring. It happens this way each year, without fail. I am nothing if not consistent.

Here is the yard, in all of its “glory”…

Okra grown out of control...and no, I didn't pickle any of them

I had a note in my computer reminding me to pick okra every other day. And then I went on a trip to Arizona…when I got back, they looked like this. [sigh]

Sad remains of soybeans

After taking the time to plant craploads of soybeans this year, I actually ended up harvesting too early, or too late.

I just like to call this...THE JUNGLE...

I think I am growing some amaranth in the right hand corner there…

THE JUNGLE...part deux

And one dirty little kitty...

The feed corn we collected from the ground at the Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop didn’t turn out as well as we had hoped. I’m declaring corn growing in general a bust and moving on to other things.

So…that’s where we stand at the moment folks. No fall crops, not this year. Hopefully we will have some time on an upcoming weekend to plow under and add compost, leaving the beds prepped and ready to dig into once we have spring thaws.

Next weekend is Emily’s fifth birthday and I’m a little more concerned about getting the rest of the lingering mulch pile (mulch mountain #4) out of our driveway and the back patio scrubbed free of chicken poo. Oh, and the garage needs to be cleared so we can pull my uncle through in his wheelchair. All this in time for the party. After that, we are looking at the 2nd weekend of October before any other real work will get done.

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