Penny Floor Obsessed

Someone save me from myself, because I’m about to walk off a cliff and dive into the land of pennies.

I’m serious.

But before I tell you about my latest obsession, I will update you on the Homes Tour.

The 5th Annual Northeast Kansas City Historical Homes Tour

It was WONDERFUL and I’m so glad I did it!


By the end of it, we were all smiling and exhausted. Participating in a Homes Tour is no small thing. But knowing what I know now will help make the next one we are on (years from now) much easier.

Our "drink station" was a big hit.

Our “drink station” was a big hit.

I will declutter each room, and keep things as clutter free as possible in the month leading up to the tour. And I’ll only do one major deep cleaning in the week before the tour.

And so was the youngest docent on the tour.

And so was the youngest docent on the tour.

The biggest reason for me to be on the tour? I want others to see that there are some amazing neighborhoods in Historic Northeast. And also…

  • Affordable homes
  • Great neighbors
  • Rich history

I hope that of the nearly 300 people who attended the tour – at least one of them thought, “This street is amazing! I want to move to the Northeast!”

What a fun time we all had!

Color Me Penny OBSESSED

And now, PENNIES.


For a while now, I had been tossing the idea of installing a penny floor into the bathroom of The Cottage. And while Jay, my friend and contractor, had almost talked me out of it, I decided I really, REALLY wanted to do it.


So I sat down and started researching penny floors. How to do it, whether to create a pattern or not, and various designs and tips.


Our neighbors, Kevin and Michelle, had recently installed a penny countertop in their upstairs kitchen. Michelle came over to pick her daughter and I told her, just as Dave came down the stairs, that I was now penny-obsessed and planned on installing penny walls, ceilings, and floors. “No need to paint, everything will be pennies!”


The look on Dave’s face…


I was joking. Well…sort of…

Here is the design I’m strongly leaning towards:


I especially enjoy the way they took it up onto the wall (although I’m not a fan of this color of tile)…


And then I saw this toilet paper roll idea…


I’ve already asked Dave to make it for me. I will need to find some kind of copper bowl or pot for the light I want in the ceiling.

Pennies, Pennies, PENNIES!

And then there is this gem…


Not for The Cottage. For our house. Specifically, for the damaged wood floor areas.

Our main level hardwood floors are in decent shape, except for some areas of the hallway. So I’m trying to visualize an interesting pattern that I could create on the floor, cutting the damaged wood away and possibly cutting into the good wood for the design, and then laying in pennies.

I would turn a damaged floor into an artistic statement!

Upstairs, under that carpet, are floors that are in pretty terrible shape. This could be an affordable way for us to “fix” the floors without having to pull them up and replace them. With an added bonus of being phenomenally cool and artsy at the same time.

The penny ideas don’t stop there. I could do it as a backsplash in the kitchen as well…


And include this little sign…


And I can’t even tell you how much I want to do THIS on some random wall…


And if I get tired of pennies. I could always start collecting bottle caps in the hopes that someday we could create a man cave/bar in our basement and line the bathroom floors…


Pinterest is seriously addictive…and dangerous…

Kiva Loan

Where do I begin?

With just 21 days left, I’m only 7% funded. And this is a make it or bust kind of thing. If I don’t get to the $10,000 mark, Kiva immediately returns all funds to the lenders and I get nothing.

In a nutshell, Kiva is a LOAN not a handout. You will get your money back incrementally over 36 months. It’s crowdfunding at its best. It’s easy for you, and really helps me, the borrower avoid costly interest fees.

I need this to keep going on The Cottage. If I don’t get the loan, work will have to pretty much stop. We can only do so much ourselves, and we are also already paying back some credit debt incurred putting in the roof, supplies and more.

If we don’t get the Kiva loan, we will do what we can on our own and it will be a far slower process. One way or the other, The Cottage project will go forward, but anything you can do on your end to help means a lot.

Please consider contributing to my Kiva loan and share my loan (or this post) with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. I really appreciate your help!

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