Plateaus and Planetesimals


You remember how I mentioned (at least once or twice) my weight loss goals?

Well, I hit a plateau. One that saw a weight gain of three pounds before slowly creeping back down.

I have no one to blame but myself and my obsession/love affair with food. I remain fully convinced that if food didn’t taste so damned good I’d be a skinny little minx by now.

But food is wonderful, full of yummy, tantalizing goodness. It says “I have chocolate right here” in that sexy, come hither voice. And I stop thinking about the scales and instead focus on eating every bit of chocolate, or whatever other scrumptious bit of home-cooking or pizza or eating out has to offer.

And the weight stays on me, or worse, GROWS.

So, when I posted on Facebook three weeks ago – “205.5!” – it did not last It was a flash in the pan, because it soared up to 208 before I got a handle on it and slowly maneuvered it back to a new low this morning of 205.


Rule #1 – I weigh myself every day under the same circumstances at approximately the same time of day. This allows me to keep on top of weight changes and fluctuations.

Rule #2 – I do not starve myself, deny myself any treats, or eat weird foods in order to lose weight.

Rule #3 – I set five-pound-at-a-time goals – “get my weight below 205” is my current goal.

Rule #4 – It isn’t enough to make theĀ goal, it has to hold steady for three weeks before it is considered “accomplished”

On September 26th, I hit my last goal of “below 210” for three or more weeks and called it good. And over a month later, I am now once again approaching my new goal “below 205” which I will need to hold steady through most of November before it is fully “accomplished.”

I am determined, however. Even though the next two months will be a parade of food – I can do this and get my weight closer to 200 by the end of next month.

Below 200…that’s something I haven’t been in nearly ten years.


When I was choosing a title for this post, “plateaus and planetesimals” kept reverberating in my head.

But honestly, I’ve got nothing on planetesimals. Sorry.

Instead, I’ve to images of black holes of time sucking, non-productive minutiae running about in my gray folds. Facebook, for one, there is a time suck I’m doing my best to avoid. I’ll drop in for ten minutes or so each day, but that’s it. I need to focus on getting a book (or books) written in the next few months.


Well, for several reasons:

  1. It’s cold out, so no more gardening or fence building or other outdoor activities.
  2. I really need to get these stories written while I have some free time – the kiddo is in school and my days are relatively free for a couple of hours per day.

Yep, time to write.

Wait, you said SEVERAL reasons – you only listed two. That makes a couple of reasons, not several.

My, my, aren’t you observant?

I’m not ready to tell you reason #3. [wink]

All in good time.

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