Pop Quiz…Name This Flower!

Hey, a Tuesday post! I haven’t managed that in a while!

A free invite to dinner at our place for the person who post the correct answer first…

What plant does this flower belong to? And can you eat it?

As I headed back towards the house I spied…the first hints of red fruit!…

And look at these beautiful (and edible) chive flowers…mmm…tasty and attractive. We added an open flower to an chive-infused butter this past Saturday. It was delish and oh, so pretty…

Seriously…post your answer. First one gets dinner at our house!

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3 Responses to Pop Quiz…Name This Flower!

  1. Dave Shuck says:

    Oh! Oh! I know! Pick me!

  2. Casey says:

    they almost look like parsnip flowers but seem a little too spread out….if it is make parsnip fries lmao

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