Progress…Forward March!

Despite our descent into the dog days of summer, we are making progress on our plans for the yard and properties. Each weekend is full of work, sweat, and more sweat. Take a look…

We installed the last of the 4x4s and added cross-supports for the pickets on Saturday and early Sunday.

Building That Fence

With the Airstream that we purchased last week needing to be moved as soon as possible (after August 4th the PODS container will be out of the way and the former owners want it gone the next day), we realized that we needed to get as much of the privacy fence up as possible.

In the foreground is the dog fence, in the background the west edge of the fence. There will be a wide driveway paved with gravel for now, and concrete later on.

Originally we had intended to build an inexpensive fence, just 4x4s joined with 2x4s and metal cattle fencing. This was nixed in exchange for a nice, solid privacy fence. We want visitors to feel comfortable, isolated despite being in the city, and have a feeling of privacy. And nothing says that better than a tall wood fence.

On Saturday evening, after Dave had labored to finish cementing in the last of the 4×4’s we had a nasty storm. Over 60,000 people were out of power, but we were not one of them. Luckily, the Airstream was not in its future spot. A large limb from the mulberry tree would have given it a nasty dent and even a broken window!

It took us a few minutes to clean up the mess on Sunday morning before we resumed our work.

The east corner of the new fence in the background. We decided that it would be nice to put a fence between the two properties. The gravel will not cover those 5-8 feet where the fence juts out. A nice patch of greenery on the east side of the driveway will make it look even nicer. I plan to add hostas along with iris and daylilies to the strip of green.

And did I mention that the heat index was 112 degrees on Sunday? We just dripped and dripped and DRIPPED. We both guzzled the water, but for my husband it really took its toll. The next day he was dizzy and headachy, a sure sign that he was low on electrolytes and probably dehydrated.

A close up of the new fence.

We will be building a sliding gate across the opening to the driveway. This will probably be a chain link gate covered with the tall fence pickets and, if I can find it, a keypad lock. We are still working on those details.

I was quite proud of my work on this section of the fence. We still have a way to go, but good work takes time, right?!

The space between the dog fence (in the foreground of most of the pictures) and the new fence is around 20-25 feet. The Airstream will sit parallel between the two fences and have a deck on one side.

I’ve been busy finding cool vintage/retro tin signs to mount on the inside of the fence. I’m excited to glam it all out in true 50s fashion!

Bistro Table and Chairs

Happy days for me, I scored a particularly cool find the other day at a yard sale. Just $15!

This little bistro table and two chairs are looking worn right now, but there is a paint job in their future.

What do you think? Forest green? Black? A royal blue, perhaps?

I thought of putting them on the deck outside of the RV, but these really make me think of English cottage, so they will probably go into the Cottage East.

What do you think?

Measurements – Roof, Windows, Siding!!!!

Champion came by today and we walked through Cottage East getting measurements for nine windows (just the windows on the east and west sides) along with talking about the details for the roof and siding.

Now that the Catch 22 has been resolved, we have a green light to:

  • Pull off the brick (right after we finish building the privacy fence)
  • Have the roof, side windows and siding all installed
  • Run electrical to Cottage East so we can install a burglar alarm and keep it monitored and secure

The Catch 22, by the way, was a real pain in the patoot. Champion wouldn’t install the siding until we removed the bricks. The electrician wouldn’t install the electrical until the siding was in place. And there was a LIVE WIRE running into the house that threatened to electrocute anyone foolish enough to brush against it while demo’ing the brick walls, plus a tree limb that was right next to the electric pole off the alley that needed to be cut down.

My hero! This guy was so nice. Technically he didn’t have to do this, but he kindly offered and I was so appreciative!

I was lucky enough to find a really nice KCP&L worker to agree to cut the limb and also cut the power, thus allowing us to move forward on our project. He saved us nearly $500 in costs – the electrician was going to charge us that much just to remove a couple of scrawny limbs!

We are about 4-6 weeks out on the windows, roof and siding. More if we need time to finish the demo. And I’ve got a couple of folks lined up to help us cart and stack the brick once we get the bricks off of the house.

In other words? Progress. Forward…March!!!!

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