Quick and Easy Croutons


I don’t like store-bought croutons.

You know why?

I find them too big.

Way back when they had smaller croutons, and then for some odd reason, the powers that be decided that consumer liked these annoyingly large, occupy a majority of a mouthful of food in your mouth, monstrosities.

It was like, take a bite of salad, now have a CROUTON.

I prefer a balanced approach. A crouton delicately wedged with a bite of lettuce and dressing to go with it. A delicate blend, if you will.

And then of course there is the cost of said stale bread jackballs. And I’m paying over half of what I would for a loaf of bread for a few ounces of not so tasty dried bread thing…why?

I ran out of croutons last week and almost bought more, before stopping myself. This is how I end up making my own. If it isn’t in the house, and I want it, I’m forced to either go without, leave my house to go buy it, or make it myself.

I had a small heel of bread left over from last Friday. I had made a family favorite, Chile Cheese Bread, and there was this small sad piece resting on the counter. Far too stale to eat, I figured it would be perfect for making into croutons.

So I sliced and diced it into reasonable sized human portions, drizzled it with a bit of grapeseed oil and baked it in our toaster oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.


Tasty! No more store-bought croutons for me! And no more wasted somewhat stale bread!


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