Rocks, SHTF Medicinal Gardens, Natural Fencing and More


Prepping for My Zentangle River Rocks Class

I’ll be teaching a Zentangle: River Rocks class on August 22nd at Powell Gardens. There is a fee for this, but it is a small price to pay for something that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. Here are a few of the rocks I am currently working on…




Here is a GREAT Plan for a SHTF Medicinal Garden


I saw this garden plan in one of my Facebook feeds. It is compact, well-planned, and it details the ways to use the different plants in medicinal applications. Many of these are also edible as well and great for using in your cooking.

Recycle Those Feed Bags!

I was bouncing about Pinterest the other day, looking at garden rake upcycles when I came across an idea for creating mailing envelopes out of used feed bags. Now, my chicken feed bags actually come in heavy paper, but the dog and cat food bags could be used instead of Tyvek mailers.

It’s a pretty cool idea, although I would turn them inside out and have the plain white on the outside so as not to cause problems at the post office.

Hiding Inside

I suck as a farmer.


Because the heat makes me wilt and I get heat stroke in no time.

I’m hiding inside in my ‘barely cooled, sort of air-conditioned’ house (we have window units in strategic locations).

There is absolutely nothing on God’s green earth that would induce me to go outside during these dog days of summer unless I was practically forced to. The temps are in the 80s and 90s (with heat index, that’s over 100 degrees of muggy heat!).

The end is nigh.

Suffice it to say  you will NOT see me in my garden for the next few weeks. Feel free to weed it and collect your pay in tomatoes and zucchini!

Natural Fencing

So, when we moved in, folks sashayed through all parts of our yard willy nilly. I know that in many cultures this is acceptable and expected. And here in the Northeast, if you don’t have big tall fences up, well, they don’t really care WHOSE yard it is, they are taking a shortcut.

This would not be an issue if they didn’t…

  • pee in my yard
  • leave drug baggies in my yard
  • steal equipment and tools from our yard

I’m not completely antisocial, but it is our property, so I’m having issues with it all.

I’ve been bouncing around a lot of possible long-term solutions. And while I would like very much to have a tall metal fence up, one that would be difficult to scale but still show off the yard, I can’t afford it.

For a while we considered bamboo, but it can be pricey to get in quantity and I’m unwilling to wait for years and years for it to establish itself.

What we seem to be settling on is a combination of six foot cattle fencing, combined with natural repellent – namely rosebushes and raspberries (basically anything with thorns). That, combined with climbing vines directly on the fencing should really put a damper on forays through our yard.

We will begin to work on that in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, I’ve been removing several thick clumps of daylilies and iris from the front walkway (remember we will be enlarging this path and the stairs up to the wraparound porch) and moving them down the line for a short natural fence along the north boundary of the property. I’ll include the pictures in another post. The iris and daylilies were so densely packed in, that just three square feet of plants dug up has made a line about twenty feet long of plants!

Zucchini growing like mad

Zucchini growing like mad

That Zucchini…Aieee!

I forgot to check on the zucchini…again. This means that I ended up with at least six ENORMOUS zucchini. As in, once the overly large seeds had been sequestered, and I had grated all of it up, there was over six cups of grated zucchini…per individual fruit.

So far I have at least 18 bags containing two cups of shredded zucchini per bag sitting in my freezer. That’s 36 future loaves of zucchini bread!

I’m trying to get better about checking it and picking it before it gets this huge.

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