Sometimes It Takes a Village

Dad looking spiffy now that he is clean-shaven and had a bath.

Well, folks, I’m back home in the States, albeit $4,000 and eleven pounds lighter.

My dad’s finances were drained by the three different hospital stays and medical expenses. I spent money I didn’t have getting there, staying there, and coming back.

All in all, it’s been a lot of stress, with plenty of challenging moments.

We flew back on New Year’s Day and that was an exhausting experience all on its own. We spent a day recuperating (sort of) and friends came over and were kind enough to give Dad the bath he had been looking forward to so much.

The front parlor has room for two chairs, a twin bed and a desk. He has everything he needs. I even found curtains for the transition into the living room.

Yesterday, however, was spent waiting in a clinic, then going to the ER at Truman Medical Center, and ending with an admission to the hospital. They are concerned about his weight loss, anemia, and possible internal bleeding.

I’ve managed two nights’ of halfway decent sleep – the first in over two weeks. And I will be leaving soon to visit my Dad in the hospital.

I am an incredibly independent and resourceful creature. I scrimp and save, and do whatever I can to make those dollars work for me. But this? This has really pushed us to the wall. My dad doesn’t get much in Social Security and we are also facing penalties for him not signing up for Medicare Part B at age 65. (He was in Panama and thought he would stay there forever, so it made sense at the time) Also, he won’t be eligible for Part B for six months, so any non-hospital fees are completely on him (and consequently us).

The pocket doors in the front entry open and allow easy access to the front door or the bathroom.

I need help.

He needs help.

If you have any to spare, even ten dollars, it would help. In a few weeks, I’ve got a credit card bill due that is rather…intimidating. And I can use all the help I can get.

Here is the link. I hope you will be able to help and also to share it with your friends and family. It would really make my day.

GoFund Me for Dad’s medical expenses

Meanwhile, I’ve been nesting and doing my best to create a safe, comfortable and welcoming room for him in our house. We took these photos yesterday…

He might be in the hospital now, but today or tomorrow I hope to bring him back home where he belongs.

He told my husband that while he was in the Panamanian hospital, he saw patients surrounded by family. He said that he realized then that he might die, alone, without anyone who loved him. He told Dave, “Thank you for opening your home to me.”

My dad and I have had our differences, and I have no illusions that it will be smooth sailing from here on out. But I know this – his presence in my home is a welcome one. For as long as he has, I hope that he knows he has a place here in our lives.

That is what I want for my family.

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