**Special Notice* *Special Notice**

I reached into my stash of Beez Kneez moisturizer for a new container yesterday morning, opened it up, scooped out my normal amount, raised it to my face and was shocked at the off odor.

What in the world? This was from a new batch! It couldn’t have gone bad this quick!

When I whipped up my last batch, a month or so ago, I had needed Grapeseed Oil last minute and picked it up from a local store, not my normal provider up in Independence.

I am guessing that this oil had been sitting on the shelf for a while. It hadn’t turned when I used it, but apparently it wasn’t far from the edge.

So…ewww…and my deepest apologies. While I’m busy searching for my list of recent purchasees, if you read this first, contact me. I’ll send out a fresh container to you along with my deepest apologies within the next week –  just as soon as I pick up a bottle of the good stuff at Rainbow Natural Foods.

For the record, the Beez Kneez Day Moisturizer is usually good for a minimum of 6-9 months. I’ve had some last me a year before it turned a bit off in smell.

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