Taking Composting and Reycling Up a Notch

We have been composting all vegetable, tea, coffee, and bread for several years now. It’s reduced our trash by half. Recently I’ve also started adding toilet paper/paper towel rolls to the mess as well, and shredding them into small pieces before adding them to the compost.

I need to do more.

For two reasons. 1) less waste going out and 2) more compost!

So we will now be cleaning out cans and jars and setting them aside for either re-use or recycling. I added little paper lunch bags to my office and the bathrooms to put used Kleenex, shredded toilet paper rolls and hair into. I’ve also added a bag downstairs next to the dryer for lint and I’m shredding all cereal and food boxes.

Yes, many of them have glossy covers and that’s supposed to be a no-no. But they are also being included (read diluted) by other material. As the permaculture and eco/green living movement spreads, manufacturers will begin using organic dyes in all of their packaging. For now, I simply can’t afford to buy organic packaging, but I still think shredding it into my compost is better than sending it to a landfill.

I looked up how to re-use dryer sheets. Yes, I know, dryer sheets are a no-no. I’m not going to buy anymore, but the ones that I have, I might as well use. So I checked on whether I could compost them and it was a definite no go. So instead I will re-use them to dust my furniture and other things. Eventually, I’ll run out and it will no longer be a problem. At least now they won’t be going into the trash until they’ve been used twice.

I can use any empty aluminum cans for starting seeds, luminaries, or simply send them to the recycling center. The glass jars can be re-used to store leftovers in the fridge or freezer or sent to the recycling center as well. I think it will work out well.

We cleaned out a hunk of the garage today and I flattened a huge number of cardboard boxes. I’m going to use them in a no-till application in the spring to take back more of the yard from that useless scourge known as grass.

While in the garage cleaning things out Dave found out about the chicken order. He was PISSED. Technically, they are illegal in this area of the town. I told him we would just have to make friends with the neighbors. He still looked pissed, but he is calming down now, some six hours later. Telling him I had ordered Araucanas warmed him up, because he likes their pretty eggs. He’ll come round eventually.

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