Terraforming – Here on Earth, and on Mars

We borrowed our friend’s truck and got a couple of loads of free mulch.

I’m taking notes right now for Gliese 581: Zarmina’s World, which is a sequel to Gliese 581: Departure. Some of those notes include one of the sub-stories – the colony on Mars – and their efforts to terraform the red planet.

And I guess that got me to thinking about what I wanted to see in our yard – notably no more grass.

That’s years out, but here is the beginning of it. I’m laying down landscaping fabric and placing a thick layer of mulch on top. I can also do this with cardboard with less effective weed-blocking results.

A bird’s eye view from the upper back porch.

Eventually, these mulched areas will increase, as will the plantings within them. Between them, and around them I will lay brick and stone paths.

Our newest addition – a stray Dave began calling Gray – otherwise known as Porch Cat. He has basically moved in and wants desperately to come INSIDE the house, but we feed him and pet him and assure him that outside is where he is most welcome!

In five years or so, the areas now filled with grass will have bushes, flowers, trees, and groundcover. And it will be absolutely fantastic!

Columbine in bloom

For now, I’ve surrounded three of our trees with mulch and added in a section around the tree stump. Last year I planted daylilies and several other flowering plants there. Some came back, but the whole thing devolved into an overgrown mess. The mulch and landscape fabric will keep that from happening this time.

Today was the perfect day to work on this. It was nice and cool!

I can see it so clearly, the paradise of plants, and paths, that will begin to establish themselves over the next few years. I can’t wait to show you the vision I have of a terraformed yard. I think you will love it!

Our Asian pear is doing well! At its feet are iris, daylily and columbine.

Want free mulch?

If you are a resident of Jackson County you can go to any of three different locations and they will load up the “first ground mulch” for free into your truck. Here is the link.

They also have nicer mulch for sale starting at $16.95 per cubic yard (it’s a truck full).

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