The 6th Annual NEKCHS Homes Tour

I meant to post this a month ago, I truly did.

And then I began to feel bad that I only saw four of the locations. “How can I post pictures of the tour with only four of the stops? The others might feel left out!”

I was serving as a docent in the afternoon, so the morning was rushed trying to get to as many stops as possible before I quickly ate lunch and reported for duty at one of my favorite homes (of which I have no pictures!).

In any case, I decided I would go ahead and show folks just what they are missing by not going on these fantastic tours of old homes.

There are so many great ideas and fascinating details to be found in the windows and woodwork of these lovely homes. Even the one undergoing renovation is important. Here we have a distinct “before renovation” and you see how much work goes into projects like these. It is truly a labor of love!


100 Garfield Avenue – “The Castle”

Built for Dr. Flavel Benjamin Tiffany in 1909, the newest owners bought this gorgeous building in 2016…

1836 Pendleton Avenue

Constructed in 1888 for Phillip E. Chappell, the former mayor of Jefferson County, Missouri and the Missouri State Treasurer, this home has been in the Palazola family since 1934.

1731 Pendleton Avenue

Built in 1905, the original owners of this house were Mr. & Mrs. Lafayette Trabor. In 2016 this home was purchased by Alan and Jessica Bossert who are fully restoring this home. It is important to see what kind of condition these homes often are in – it makes the adventure of their restoration all the more amazing!

1841 Pendleton Avenue

Built in 1889 for Augustine “Gus” P. Marty, this home has been brought back from ruin by Nathan and Marian Wegener, who dealt with pigeons, bees and raccoons as they worked hard to restore this home to its original beauty.

Again, I do apologize for not being able to show ALL of the destinations on the tour.

I love the little details that go into making these homes such amazing showcases of the old and new, and I can’t wait to see more homes!

Remember, NEKCHS holds a home tour every year, the second Saturday in October. Mark your calendars, because this is one event no one should miss!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Christine! It makes me reflect back fondly on a wonderful day. Thank you!

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