The Home Stretch


I can’t believe I’m saying this but this winter has absolutely¬†flown by!

As I’ve mentioned, probably ad nauseum, I focus on home decor, organizing, and painting in the winter and then the spring/summer/fall tend to be overwhelmed with garden work.

I’ve been so busy baking bread, making soup, canning, decorating, and more that I look outside at the lovely weather and think, “Not yet! I’m not ready yet!”

And I¬†love the spring. Yet here I am, wishing for a few more weeks to “get ‘er done.”

So let’s see, what have I gotten done recently? Well, I’ve…

Finally gotten labels on these lovely baskets.

I purchased these huge baskets at World Market during a 50% off sale

I purchased these huge baskets at World Market during a 50% off sale

One of my homeschool mama friends suggested I add an old door to the top of the cabinets and store things in baskets. I thought it was great advice! This one below holds most of my canning lids, rings and pectin.

A huge thanks to Megan G. for suggesting I put a door and some baskets way up top. This particular basket holds my rings, lids and pectin

A huge thanks to Megan G. for suggesting I put a door and some baskets way up top. This particular basket holds my rings, lids and pectin

After my husband was kind enough to install some proper lighting in the attic, I organized and cleaned it. It took last Friday and the better part of another to get it all done. I can’t find any before pictures, but here are some of it now:




And to give you an idea of how truly enormous this space is…




Figured out how to make enchilada sauce AND learned how to use my pressure canner. It was super simple and I’m embarrassed I hadn’t tried it sooner!

My shiny new (even if I bought it 5 years ago) pressure canner being used for the first time.

My shiny new (even if I bought it 5 years ago) pressure canner being used for the first time.

I’ve come up with some ideas for about five new classes that I will be rolling out in the next six months to a year.


I got a jump on the summer heat and relocated my little rolltop desk downstairs in the front parlor. The front parlor serves as my summer office. Yes, I have a summer office. You would too if you had no central air and your beloved library became hotter than the gates of hell in the summer.

Just sayin’.

And speaking of rooms being hot…


I asked Dave to help me get this window open in the kitchen and I’m hoping (cross my fingers) to be able to plug in an a/c unit for use when we want to cook in the kitchen and are trying to avoid heat stroke (the afternoon sun comes in those windows).

I made these wire baskets the other day out of 1/4 inch hardware cloth. Working with wire is quite the experience, let me tell you! I got jabbed, scratched and my fingers were rough and chapped by the time I was done.


Dave was kind enough to get these mounted between our two kitchen windows. I’m not totally happy with them, but they will serve well for now. Later I’ll perfect my method!

I finally got around to making these cute “succulents” out of pistachio shells. And I added pistachios to the grocery list because, hot damn, I need to make more of these! I’ll be painting them and making a wreath or something cool with them soon. Heck, maybe I’ll cover a wall with them.


As you can see, I have begun painting them as well. I need to get a few more craft paints in the proper colors.


I put on more of these decals in the old kitchen/new utility room.


I have nine more feet of the decals coming in from in about a month to finish the walled areas except for under the old farmhouse sink, which will get a skirt again soon.


I don’t know how or why, but I had a vision for this room before I ever moved in. It spoke “garden” and “spring” and kept whispering until I got my crap together and painted the walls green.



And I just added my first coat of paint to this old cabinet. I have another that needs painting, and I am seriously considering painting my freezer and washer and dryer with this color as well.

1st coat

1st coat

In fact, I got oil-based paint so that I could have that option. What do you think, would it be overkill?


I have also ordered some additional wall butterflies from Wish. They will go on the walls higher up.

Here is a cute shelf up in my utility room. These bottles are filled with homemade vanilla extract.


I had my husband mount these two old produce boxes directly into the wall last fall. No easy feat, the wall consists of bricks covered in plaster!


I’m using a bunch of old salvaged vintage lace to make something like this for above my bed.

bed decor

It’s not done yet, and that’s not my bed, but you get the idea.

I recently re-organized my bookshelves and moved all of the paperbacks over to the office side of the library:


And the top shelves over in the library will be dedicated to antique and vintage toys. As you can see, I’ve started on it, but I have a lot more room.


I’ll collect these as the opportunity and money arise.


And did I show this off?


I did it a couple of months ago. This is the door up to the attic. The top panel was missing and a piece of styrofoam had been placed in the hole. We replaced it with glass and then I used e-6000 glue to add the flat glass marbles. I could grout in between the marbles, but for now I like the look of it without the grout. What do you think?

I’ve got more ideas/projects in the works. But I can’t tell you about them yet. Top Secret! a.k.a. Not Done Yet.

This weekend will be filled with working on art projects (I’m teaching Art of the Altered Page this coming Thursday at NKC Library) and on Sunday, working on the foundation.

Bye for now!

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