Three Phases of Fence-Building

The delivery from Home Depot arrives on Wednesday, the 4th – and thus the final three phases of fence building across the back of our property has begun!

I am very excited about this. Folks merrily walking through our yard is one thing, but we have had items stolen from our yard, along with trash, condoms, and even…super gross…someone used our yard for a toilet once.

Granted, as the neighborhood has improved, we have seen less and less traffic. But putting in a back fence that has no way to access the back alley from the yard (the reason most walk through our yard) will eliminate 99% of the intruders.

Eventually, I’m aiming for next year, we will be able to install a front fence as well and thereby eliminate all but the most foolish of interlopers. I say foolish because, while they are well-behaved, we have three dogs, two of which are pit bulls. And with a front fence in place, they could have run of the entire property, something I think would be wonderful for everyone.

In any case, we are breaking this into three different phases…

Phase One: Build a fence perpendicular to the dog fence. It will have two seven foot long panels on each side and then a ten-foot wide double gate in the middle. We will use this section to house our future truck when it is not in use. And the future parking for tenants of 3231 remains open with access to the alley.

My Excel schematic – because I am oh so nerdy!

Then Phase Two, finish the 32-foot long section right after we jackhammer the remnants of an old concrete garage out of the way and set in the posts.

And then Phase Three, complete the remaining 39 feet of fencing to the corner of our property.

We will add a padlock to the double gate, which will prevent anyone without a key from just opening it and walking through.

Eventually, I hope to have a cement driveway laid for our future tenants. That might be a few years down the road, however.

My Husband’s Political Protest

I have to sympathize, my husband has a HUGE yard that needs mowing. When all is said and done, we have seven city lots, nearly a full acre that needs mowing. And it all has to be done with a standard mower.

A riding mower is on our “would really like to have” list, but it falls below a truck on future purchases.

As a result, the hubs has stated he will mow every second week, “Whether it needs it or not.”

And believe me, by week two, the grass/weeds/whatever is looking rather long in the tooth.

And with the dog days of summer descending upon us, I plan on us working on the fence in the off-weekends, when he isn’t mowing and I’m not frantically weeding.

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