Time For a Tire Wall!


In typical fashion, I have begun a project without the knowledge or approval of my husband. Not that one HAS to have that to go forward with a project, but it would be nice.

I mentioned building this wall of tires, painting them, and planting flowers in them two days ago. He looked at me sideways and said, “I’m not so sure about this idea of yours.”

“Give it time, you’ll see, it will work out.”

He didn’t look convinced, but I merrily began building the wall yesterday. So far I just have five tires, but reports are starting to trickle in from neighbors of tires on corners, in lots, and just…around. So I want to pick up at least four more today (because I said I would and prefer to always follow through), but I worry that my darling husband is simply not convinced that this plan is a good one.

As you can see from the photo, the tires are not painted yet AND they are quite close to our beehive. In the picture you can see the paved alleyway and the parking area for the residents of the apartment complex. These are the people that are driving into our yard on a regular basis as they back up.

So I laid out the tires and placed some stones along the perimeters to reduce loss of soil to erosion. I haven’t painted them yet, but I did fill them with a rich mixture of composted leaves, ashes from the burned brush, and rich, crumbled dirt. Then I went ahead and watered them all down and planted some flower seeds inside.

I would love to add some inexpensive already-established flowering plants, but with the growing season just beginning, everything is top price right now.

And I have yet to paint the tires, but I have found a brick red color that was used on our back deck that I’m hoping will work.

The main issue though, is the proximity of the beehive. Those guard bees were getting rather pissy with me when I was over there shoveling dirt, clad in a brown shirt and black pants. They must have thought I was a bear come to steal their stash of honey. They kept making angry passes at my face, getting snarled in my hair (I do have rather curly hair), and really getting antsy. I finally had to go inside and change into a white shirt, which helped as I finished up watering and planting the tires.

So far, it doesn’t really look attractive. I need to change that, or I will end up needing to get rid of them. The husband is just not going to go for it in its present state. Nor the city…nor me for that matter.

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2 Responses to Time For a Tire Wall!

  1. Christine says:

    Yep! Dave did and they said we can have them all. They took the remains of the fence off our hands, so it makes for a nice trade. Take a look at the bricks on the front sidewalk. I’ll be posting on this soon!

  2. Cranky Puppy says:

    Christine, if you’re serious about this, you might talk to Sam and Alex. They have about 10 tires stacked behind their house right now.

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