To Treadmill? Or Garden? That is the Question

Recently the treadmill has been sending subliminal messages to me.

Well, actually, my waistline has been sending rude and hateful messages. And what is it with this weird southern drift? Every bit of roundness seems to be migrating to my middle and rear.

So I’ve been contemplating returning to the treadmill. But every time I do, the thought intercedes, Yeah? And just when are you going to pull all those weeds? Or sow the next round of seeds? Or water? When are you clean up the house? Get the editing on your manuscript done? Write Book 2 of War’s End?

The harangue just goes on and on.

So I made a decision. Every day I will either work in the garden or work out on the treadmill. After all, the best time of the day to garden is first thing in the morning while the temperatures are the coolest.

And speaking of getting things done – yowza, but did I ever hit the ground running on Sunday morning! By noon, I had accomplished the following:

  • Painted numbers on all the raised beds in the back. Currently, we are at 30 raised beds in the backyard.
  • Planted zucchini and nasturtiums in the recently vacated potato bed – now known as Bed #1.
  • Watered the north section of the back yard and pulled weeds – a LOT of weeds, including some rather large ones that I needed to clip and will dig out later.

  • Sowed more cucumber seeds on the east side of the twig house (the swan gourds never sprouted)
  • Tied up the cucumbers against the twig house.

  • Planted radish seeds in two beds – the old squash bed #9 and the pumpkin bed #6

(unfortunately the squash bugs ate all the pumpkins up before they could be harvested), but I did get a picture of the pumpkin before the vine borers and squash bugs murdered the vines…

  • Baked a loaf of cranberry, lemon zest, & almond bread – it is absolutely delicious, by the way.

  • Collected several onions and also a onion flower seed head. I brought it inside to dry and labeled a jar for the seeds to go in.

  • Topped off the chickens’ water and discovered that one of our laying hens had died. We think it might have happened yesterday afternoon. This made us quite sad. We have been putting containers of frozen water in their watering jug to cool the water down, as well as a fan in there to keep the air moving through. The wisteria vines have now grown over most of the chicken yard, giving them plenty of shade, and they even got out in the garden the past two days. Dave has added some “anti-stress” mixture to their water that we had purchased last year. Hopefully this will avert any further deaths.
  • Tied up more tomatoes.
  • Helped Dave construct the solar oven. Read more on this in Friday’s post.

If you could see my garden now you would be surprised at the number of weeds. I’ll admit, the hot weather has really killed my willingness to get out there each day – but with the choice of a treadmill or gardening in front of me, I’ll take the gardening any day.

I have plenty of seeds to sow and plenty of room to do it in. Many of the raised beds are currently empty. In other words? Lots of work to do in the garden!

Time to get to it…

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