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Since becoming a full-time caretaker for my dad, I have had to give up a few things. One of them is teaching classes. At some point, I hope to return to teaching classes. There are some great offerings across the Metro, even if they aren’t coming from me! Check out Mid-Continent Public Libraries, Kansas City and North Kansas City Libraries, Powell Gardens, and UMKC’s Communiversity to find some great classes and great instructors.

Learn and grow, and keep reading my blog. The garden is always blooming!

5 Responses to Upcoming Classes/Events

  1. Jeanie says:

    When/where is your next KEFIR class?

    • Christine says:

      Hi Jeanie-

      The only one scheduled right now is the on on 9/26, here at my house, at 3 p.m. Past that, I may have another one in the spring but I won’t have a specific date for that until later this year.

  2. Farah says:

    Will you bring an example of a fair garden to your “Whimsy and Wonder” class? I think it would be so great to see some of your amazing creations!

    • Christine says:

      I most certainly will be bringing an example of 1-2 fairy gardens with me, along with a wealth of photographs of mine and other fairy gardens. I’m looking forward to the class and hope to see you there!

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