Van Art and Candy Machines

Further Progress on the Van

I have been adding some bubbles to the van. This is a pattern I found on my TanglePatterns app on my iPhone. I love it!

This is going to take a while.

So far, I’ve put in over three hours on it.

The plan is to fill in this entire section (to the wiggly line on the left).


What do you think of it?

People often ask me if I have a master plan in my head for each part of the van. The answer to that would be a resounding “NO!”


Sometimes I have a particular pattern in mind, and I certainly knew where I wanted to place the websites, but most of it is pretty organic. I just find a pattern I like and then put it somewhere.


The green area above will be decorated in patterns. You can see the faded remnants of patterns I painted over. I did learn that paint on paint does not work. So I have to seal the green in, and then add my patterns on top of the sealant for it to work.


Our New Candy Machine

We get the neatest things given to us! A neighbor brought over this candy machine. It was filled with old candy (some of it was fine and some was….ewwww) and missing a key to the lock on top.

We contacted the manufacturer (the internet is full of great links!) and they gave us step-by-step instructions on how to drill out the lock so that we can buy a new one and drop it on in.

I now have candy on order (I know, I know, but it’s a candy machine!), and I cleaned it up and then brought it upstairs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo which Dave asked, “What is that doing up here?!”

It’s in the library…it’s for all of us…but my family is not buying it. Dee tells me I have all the cool stuff.

Maybe I should move it downstairs. And then again…maybe not…

In any case I will be painting it. I’ll leave the base the green metal and paint all of the other metal parts with that oil rubbed bronze paint. I think it will look cool.


I’ll probably make my own candy signs. A little Zentangle, some cool font, and then it will be all set.

If I leave it in the library I can monitor child/candy usage better. This is important, you know. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Where Oh Where Did I Put…?

I have been working on this little project. This window was originally in the attic (I think) but had been replaced before we moved in.

I cleaned it up, located all of these flat glass marbles we had out in the back yard (we had them in a couple small aquariums), cleaned the glass marbles and started arranging them.

These are not glued into place…not yet.


I bought this glue…E6000…which should dry clear and be nice and strong.

I bought it months ago, when dealing with the fairy gardens, but I’m unsure as to where I have put it.

Honestly? It could be in a dozen different places. It’s a big house, with lots of hiding spots. Just ask my family and they will tell you. I will put something away in a spot that looks logical. I think I’ll remember this because this is a good spot and makes sense.


And then? Well…I forget where it is. It’s a problem, I tell you, a real problem!

So, as soon as I find the glue, I’ll get these marbles set in place, finish the rest of the panes, and have Dave add hooks and hang it in the window at the bottom of the stairs. It will look cool, and provide us some additional privacy.

p.s. I found it! Finally! Gluing now in process!

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