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In addition to gardening, teaching classes, homeschooling the kiddo, and writing this blog – I also maintain (to some degree or another) two other blogs, write intermittently for regional magazines, and I write books. For a complete list of my writing activities, you may wish to check out my writer website.

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And below are summaries and links to my five published books…

Gliese 581: Departure

My newest book - a sci-fi/dystopian novel now available on Amazon

My newest book – a sci-fi/dystopian novel now available on Amazon

In the final days of the 21st century, Daniel Medry and a crew of brilliant and talented scientists and researchers leave Earth on a mission to the Gliese system – the first extra-solar journey of its kind.

Shortly after their departure, a terrible virus is unleashed upon Earth, highly infectious and nearly 100% fatal.

Soon the colonists will learn that they are some of the last unaffected humans left.

And if the challenge of establishing a colony on a distant alien world and re-creating the human race wasn’t enough, someone on board is trying to kill them all.

Will Daniel and the rest of Calypso’s crew survive the journey?

You can find the Kindle book here.

War’s End: A Brave New World

WarsEnd Book2

The long-awaited sequel to War’s End: The Storm – Jess and her family have returned to Warsend and struggle to survive in the tattered remnants of the United States.

Here are some reviews…

“Taking place after the Collapse in the United States, this is one intense novel. It is an incredible journey through life with its sorrows and sadness, happiness and hope and finally closure for some of the main characters. The journey will take one into the Neo-Nazi camp and witness the harsh treatment afforded the slaves. The Amerika Reborn has a solid grip in parts of the US. In addition, Clinton, MO, and Tiptonville, TN residents have a huge place in this novel. And, of course, War’s End!

The story that Jess tells about Madge in the cave is wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. Jess has endured so much in her young life that it makes one feel happy inside to realize Madge was such a comfort to her. Just imagine trying to conquer the demons that Jess has deep within her soul.

The Second American Civil War has come to an end and Chris and Carrie decide to venture to Colorado. I felt empathy for the amount of suffering she has endured in her life so far. Their trek begins and this is also a journey home for them.

The good characters have a depth to them that is not normally encountered in a novel. Rich, deep and despite many problems, they are trying to work together. As for the bad ones, they are truly evil and one just wants to let them leave the scene and never return. Just imagine having Sulwyn or Cooper on your side and living to tell about it. However, even in the midst of that Neo-Nazi camp, one encounters a beautiful and tender spirit in Camelia. Just a fascinating array of characters that will pull you deeply into the book.

All in all, one incredible read for me and one I will be thinking about for long after today. One of the main feelings that I am left with is that eventually good will triumph over evil despite all odds. I am glad the author took this one off the shelf and continued on with her story.”

And here is another review…

“Have you ever read a book that you were constantly questioning? The characters’ actions did seem real, the situations were ridiculous and more? Well, War’s End: A Brave New World (follow up to War’s End: The Storm) is not like that in any way. It is so believable it’s a little frightening. After I read this book I wanted to plant a garden and stockpile things I could barter after life as we know it goes to hell. I love the self-sufficiency and resiliency of the characters and the story of a community coming together to survive. Read the first book, then get this one. You won’t be sorry.”

This book is available in ebook format as well as in paperback.

The War on Drugs: An Old Wives’ Tale

AOWT new

Part memoir, part current affairs, part argument for legalization – The War on Drugs is a MUST READ for those who believe that the war on drugs only happens to “those people” in “that part of town.”

Written from the point of view of a wife and mother, The War On Drugs: An Old Wives’ Tale examines the pros and cons of marijuana prohibition, drug diversion programs, and challenges the reader to define the nature of addiction and other pre-conceived notions.

Early reviews have included:

“Written with the humor of hindsight, yet the abject horror of getting caught in the cross fire of the so-called War On Drugs comes through with crystal clarity. For anyone that has any doubt about the truth of the matter, it becomes abundantly clear that the war on drugs is really a war on people, – good wholesome people that care for their children and make a positive contribution to their community. This is a must read. The War on Drug’s: An Old Wives’ Tale lays bare the absurdity of Marijuana Prohibition, the lies and injustice of our Legal System, and the unscientific, unethical nature of ‘The Recovery Industry.’ Read it. Believe it. And be warned.”


“I live in the county this book takes place in. I drive by the courthouse mentioned often. I never knew anything like this was going on in my area. It was devastating to read, but devastating in the way we need to be devastated in order for our nation to see progress. I appreciated the ability to step inside a real family going through this. That personal connection made the book feel relatable, and it was easy, as a fellow mother, to picture myself living this nightmare if my life had gone a different direction. The day by day format of the book works well for demonstrating the struggle as a daily battle rather than one big event. It was hundreds of bad events. Lots of bad policies, lots of injustice, lots of anger and fear. I highly recommend this to those who think drugs are something only found in ‘that part of town’ or that all those involved are ‘that sort of people.’ It’s simply not true.”

This book is available in ebook format as well as in paperback.

War’s End: The Storm

WarsEnd book cover

In the day after tomorrow, after the socioeconomic collapse of the United States, one young girl fights for survival. Violently ripped from her family, abused and now pregnant, Jess must somehow survive while fleeing those who pursue her. Jess must come to peace with the life growing inside her as she struggles to return home.

Reviews of War’s End: The Storm include…

Ms. Shuck weaves a story of characters that you not only care for, but ones you won’t soon forget. What’s even better, she makes them believable. There are no long narratives of what type of gun, how you load it, break it down, carry it….etc. on these pages. No long narratives of the Seal, Ranger, ex-military ‘superman’ who finds the right weapon at the right time, and always comes out the winner. No feelings of ‘deja vu’ that make you wonder if you have read it before, only the characters have different names, and it takes place on the east coast, instead of the west, and the destruction of the day was an EMP, as opposed to a Nuclear attack and so on and so on….

This story is different. To me, it is unforgettable (although I would like to forget some of the parts portrayed). It is a heartbreaking, but uplifting story of a group of young children who are thrust into a very grown up and scary World, and how they deal with the grief and savagery around them. It is also about love, and finding family where you least expect.

Whereas, I did find some parts that could have been more in depth, I feel it is just nit-picking on my part and not even worth mentioning.

I look forward to the second part. I usually don’t buy sequential books, as I feel the authors drag out the stories for the benefit of the dollar. However, I will buy the second one of this one.

Thank you for the good read.


I stumbled upon Christine Shuck’s “War’s End” while searching Amazon’s Unlimited and it’s selection of post-apocalypse fiction, a favored Genre of late. The quaint cover art and lack of any reviews on Amazon or Goodreads gave me pause…..But it was ‘free’ to download so what did I have to lose – Boy am I glad that ‘free’ was enough to make me give “War’s End” a try.

This particular TEOTWAWKI read is not for the faint of heart with [spoilers?] Rape, profanity, fairly graphic violence and death, but if humankind is ever faced with a TEOTWAWKI event, history shows that the events that follow will, themselves, not be for the faint of heart.

I’m not one for penning reviews with plot narratives. Suffice it to say, this dedicated post-apocalypse/TEOTWAWKI reader enthusiastically recommends “War’s End” . And with that, it’s time to return to Amazon to see if Ms. Shuck’s promised Book 2 is available. If it is, I’m chomping at the proverbial bit to start it immediately, no matter the cost.

This book is available in ebook format as well as in paperback.

Get Organized, Stay Organized


Professional organizer, Christine Shuck, will guide you through the process of:

-Understanding the roots of clutter and disorganization
-Learning what organizational tools and techniques to use
-Organizing your home or office on a room by room basis
-Learning advanced organizational techniques including financial and time management
-Staying organized in the weeks and months that follow

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