Waste Not…

If you are an Amazon junkie like me, then your house is awash with cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes.

I toss most of them into the recycle container, but recently, I have used them for another purpose…

The west wall of our house

Weed control, soil conditioning, and mulch for our currant bushes. A 3-in-1 solution!

This section of our yard is rather difficult to mow and the creeping charlie has invaded everywhere.

And after Dave accidentally mowed one of our gooseberry bushes that had been buried beneath weeds…

Gooseberry bushes – the nearest one is slowly recovering from having been accidentally mowed

I figured it was time to put those cardboard boxes to use.

You don’t need that many bricks holding down the cardboard, by the way, I just happened to also be relocating a brick pathway and decided to make use of them.

Reasons to use cardboard in your yard:

  • Provides a great weed barrier and smothers the weeds at the same time
  • Clearly defines newly planted areas
  • Attracts earthworms who eat the cardboard and condition the soil

This isn’t a permanent fix by any means. But later in the year, as we clear more of the brush and wood from our yard and drop it off at Missouri Organics – we can also pick up mulch for free and pile it on top of the cardboard. Those weeds won’t be able to take back over for at least a year, possibly two!

I can’t wait for my gooseberry bushes to grow big and tall and start producing. Same for the currant bushes!

The rest of the yard is looking pretty good. I can’t wait to start expanding those mulched areas and adding to them with other fruiting bushes, flowering plants and more!

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