We’re…Like…CIVILIZED…or Something

On the inside of the main front door is a doorbell of sorts. It’s about as big around as my hand. I have to tell you, I was excited about it. It isn’t original, probably 1930s era instead, with a little push button on the other side.


Imagine my disappointment when it did not work. My husband saw the sad pout on my face and promised to fix it, but really, it might be past fixing. And so we have had no doorbell.


When someone is at the front door, they must pound on the door loudly, and even then its likely I won’t hear them if I am in my creative den – the office – in the upstairs rear of the house. This unfortunate fact was brought home to me yesterday when little Emily went out to put something in the mailbox.

The mailbox is right at the bottom of the stairs, off of the front porch. Just steps away. But the front door is problematic. Original to the house, the doorknob can turn and turn before catching and allowing you to open the door again. And it is especially difficult for a six-year-old to open.

I walked out of my office yesterday with an armload of items that belonged in different places and heard a wail. I dropped everything and hustled down the stairs, seeing her tear-streaked face on the other side of the door. Poor baby, she had been locked out!

Once I showed her the trick of the door (turn it to the right, jiggle it, eventually it will open) I marched upstairs and began searching for a doorbell. It had been down on our list of “gotta do’s” – but now it was a priority. I didn’t want my little girl to be locked out of her own house and traumatized a second longer!

We found the perfect one. It isn’t fancy, but that can come later, when we have more money and able to afford all of the fru-fru we can get. For less than $30 I purchased a wireless two-button doorbell. The sounding unit plugs in upstairs and sounds a full 8-tone Westminster chime when the front button is pushed, and a one-tone chime when the back door button is pushed.


How cool is that?

So now we are civilized…or at least…more so than we were. I even installed it myself!

While at Home Depot we found these…


I’m going to plant them here, along the fence line.


They will grow up into the chain link and cover it in an expanse of green vines and colorful flowers. This saves me the effort of having to dig up the ugly thing. I’ll just bury it under a bunch of vining blooms!

One step closer to being civilized…

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