What a Perfect Day!…to clean my house

This morning I had planned on weeding one of the rows of garden beds. We managed to get everything mowed yesterday, thank goodness, because right as I began looking around for my garden shoes, Dave pointed to the western sky.

“Just look at that!” The clouds were a menacing dark gray and we began to hear distant thunder.

I have to say, I prefer rainy weather over dry weather.


So…I guess I won’t be doing any weeding today.

And since the kiddo is off on a sleepover, and I have nothing scheduled except an oil change and a class I’m teaching this evening, I’m thinking that today is the perfect day to clean…my…house. I haven’t done any real cleaning since we held our Because It’s Spring party here a few weeks ago.

I’m hoping to also find the rest of the supplies needed to install the drip irrigation to all of the hanging baskets on the front porch.


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