What’s Next for The Deadly Nightshade? – A Solar Array?!

Solar array at The Urban Farming Guys

Solar array at The Urban Farming Guys

It might be only January, but after the seed and bulb exchange today, my thoughts are turning more and more towards spring and the growing season.

We have several big projects I hope to accomplish in the next year or two. I’m going to take these one at a time.


Cutting our energy costs by going to solar could really make a big difference in our pocketbooks. It could also mean that we could afford another big project, which I’ll discuss in my next post.

We aren’t sure if it is possible on our roof or land. The south exposure on the roof may be too small and the southern exposure on the ground may be too hindered by trees, only some of which are on our land.

Basically we need to get a solar tech consultant out here to see whether or not it is feasible.

There are two ways we could go with a solar array – buy it and install it ourselves (or through contractors) OR allow an energy company to install it on our property and pay them for the energy at a significantly reduced rate.

My husband has read up on both ways and is strongly leaning toward the latter option…IF they are interested in our property. So we need to find that out and go from there.

Check in tomorrow to find out how we are getting a little fishy ‘round here…!

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