Wheeling and Dealing

First off, great news, the main breadwinner of the house starts a new job on Monday. I am relieved, as is he, that we will soon have income rolling in.

Meanwhile, I’ve had a couple of boons I just had to share…

1950s Chambers Stove

Six months ago, I set up an automatic search on eBay. I asked it to search for vintage/antique gas stoves within my area. The stoves are usually “local pick-up only” and for good reason. They are exceedingly heavy!

I really wanted an old gas stove, so I kept checking Craig’s List as well, which is nothing but local items for sale. I eventually found this beauty…

Roper stove, late 1940s, hooked up and functional!

Roper stove, late 1940s, hooked up and functional!

I spent two hours cleaning this baby from top to bottom, while cooing over it. I LOVE it.

So imagine my consternation a week ago when I saw EXACTLY the stove I had hoped to find pictured in an email from eBay. It was for a 1950s Chambers stove…

stove 01

Sorry, I don’t have better pictures. I’m currently copying them off of the listing on eBay.

In any case, it is fully functional and has three burners, a griddle with popup broiler, and a well with three compartments. One oven handle will need replacing, but that is it.

And I paid $108.49 for this beauty.

Better yet, I had a Paypal balance I didn’t even realize I had, so only $52 or so came out of my checking account.

We pick this up tomorrow evening. I’m so excited!

I’ve placed the Roper stove on Craig’s List for $325. That said, it wouldn’t bother me at all if it didn’t sell. I’d love to put it in The Cottage, it is such a lovely piece. The Chambers stove, however, will go in the old kitchen of our house. I can’t wait to see it there!

Amazon Deals

I have been making full use of my high Amazon reviewer status. Right now I hover just under 6,000 in the rankings, which means that I get approximately 3-5 emails per day offering various items for free, drastically reduced and sometimes just half off (I usually don’t get those items unless it is something I really need).

I only respond to the ones I feel I can honestly review. Today a vendor contacted me with an offer and followed it up with a couple of questions once I said “yes.” One of those questions was rather pointed, “Will you contact me before leaving anything less than a 5-star review?” I answered her other questions and simply stated that I always left honest, unbiased reviews.

I doubt she read between the lines. Nevertheless, I’ll be reviewing a clip on lens for my iPhone in a week or two.

I mention the reviewer status because I also make sure to ALWAYS click “no-rush shipping” when going through checkout. This gives me a steady stream of $1 credits towards digital books and music. I can only use one $1 credit at a time, however, so if an ebook is more expensive than that, it isn’t FREE.

Recently however, Amazon was handing out $5.99 credits towards Prime Pantry when I clicked the “no rush shipping.” I managed to rack up four of those suckers and just received an email reminding me I hadn’t used my credits.

Time to get shopping!

When I arrived at the Prime Pantry destination, I saw that there was also a special going on in July for free shipping if you choose five of the Prime Pantry select items. (Prime Pantry charges a flat delivery fee of $5.99 whether you have Prime membership or not.)

So I looked through the lists and ended up making four separate orders. At this time Amazon doesn’t require you to FILL your box. They would like it, but it isn’t a requirement.

So I bought:

Order #1: 5 bottles of Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap – $10.42 after No Rush shipping and PANTRYJUL code was applied. ($16.41 value)

Order #2: 4pk of Kleenex tissue cubes and 4 pkgs of linguini – $5.99 after No Rush shipping and PANTRYJUL code was applied. ($10.81 value)

Order #3: 2 boxes of spaghetti pasta, 1 bag Bob’s Red Mill muesli cereal, 1 can organic chili and 1 bottle children’s Tylenol – $8.65 after No Rush shipping and PANTRYJUL code was applied. ($14.64 value)

Order #4: 1 Aussie conditioner (reg size), 1 Aussie shampoo (jumbo size), 1 box thin spaghetti, 1 pkg Oreo cookies (don’t judge me!), 1 pkt brown gravy mix – $6.08 after No Rush shipping, instant coupons, and PANTRYJUL code was applied. ($13.57 value)

So I paid $31.14 total for approximately $55.43 in merchandise. Tax-free, delivery fee free, and I didn’t have to leave the house and drive my gas-guzzling van to at least 2-3 different locations around the metro area.

And all of that was using $23.96 in credits I had earned from having free items shipped to my house and me writing a review. I am also considering re-selling some of it, depending on what it is.

Also, with my Amazon prime membership I get 5% cash back, automatically applied, on all of my Amazon purchases.  I buy all of my toilet paper, paper towels, and huge 40 pound boxes of cat litter from Amazon. The prices are the same as in local stores and I’m getting it tax-free and delivered to my door. Who could ask for more?

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