When I Die…

I’ve spent a good part of my life being terrified of death. And honestly, I think that is a healthy attitude to take. I’m not jumping out of planes, plunging off bridges attached to bungees, and I take conservative risks.

Wow, when I put it that way I sound rather boring.

Back to the subject at hand.

In the last few years, I have lost family members and felt my own body slowing down. Don’t worry, I’m good for decades. If anything it is an annoyance right now when my body won’t perform to factory standards.

I have started to think about death, however. And this has included being a little less afraid of it. More accepting of it as a reality that will confront us all.

As I was cleaning the other day, I turned to my TED app to listen to some interesting TED talks and ran across When I Die, Recompose Me.

I listened to the talk and it changed how I want my body to be handled after I die.

For my entire life, I have found cemeteries fascinating . Not to stay in, mind you, but to visit. I like looking at the gravestones, especially those in older cemeteries, finding connections among family members, imagining what their lives must have been like, and lingering over the smaller graves. What if those little babies had had a chance to grow up?

And while I find them interesting, I have never wanted to be buried in one. “I take up space while I’m alive, why do it when I’m dead?”

So I had resigned myself to being cremated until I listened to this TED talk. And now I’m determined to last long enough for this practice to take hold and become the standard.

You can learn more here.

And if you want to learn about the major life lessons before you die, tune in to Annie Lamott’s funny and profound TED talk.

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