Yet Another Step Closer

The universe has a way of working itself out. I had a cleaning this morning and my body is still recovering from the weekend’s work. My client rescheduled to Wednesday and I couldn’t be more relieved.

A day to recover is kind of perfect right now.

This weekend included a new freezerless refrigerator delivery and plenty of yard work and fence building. Check it out…

The Ultimate in Refrigeration

A friend of mine put this idea in my head. She bought a Frigidaire, refrigerator only recently and I was quite envious. Her model is actually one that can either be a refrigerator or freezer, depending on the setting. Mine is simply a freezerless refrigerator.

Next year I hope to find an upright freezer. For now, the chest freezer we have will do, but I definitely need to organize it better!

I will scout for some more bins to hold different items so things aren’t so cluttered. I like have a bin for cheeses/deli, for meats, vegetables and breads. Then I can open the fridge, grab a bin out and find what I need.

Nebraska Furniture Mart delivered it on Saturday and took away the magic fridge. POS magic fridge!

Now we just need to move the dumb refrigerator to Cottage West where it will wait for the rest of the renovations before being put into use.

This will go in Cottage West and live a nice long life

The new fence along with the opening for the driveway to the west. We ran into the foundation of an old driveway and garage which made it impossible to dig holes for the 4x4s, so we figured here was as good a place for a driveway. It may have a curved shape in the end, who knows?! Obviously, we will need to cut down this vegetation.

The Fence, the Fence!

All of the panels (with the exception of the 3-4 needed behind Cottage West) are now in. We have two wide openings that will be sliding gate areas for the planned driveways.

We will finish the gates in a similar pattern, the privacy pickets over metal frames on wheels and add locks. And of course, we will also continue the fence panels to include the back of Cottage West.

The panels, and possibly the gates, will have to wait until the brick walls on Cottage East have been deconstructed. They are next on our “screaming priorities” list.

Dave has worked very hard on this fence, as have I, and we love how it looks. It will provide the privacy we need and give the guests who stay in the Airstream a sense of isolation that can be rather lacking in the city.

One lone section before the yard behind the Cottage West devolves into a jungle of Japanese hops. We will close this section off…hopefully by late fall.

Eventually, we will install a four-foot high picket fence across the entire front of the property, but that is a challenge for next year (or the year after).

Brush Piles Begone! Well…Moved, That Is…

While Dave dealt with a particularly brick-filled hole and setting in a 4×4, I got to work on the multiple brush piles. We had two big ones, one in the middle of the future RV pad and one at the end of the alley, interfering with a full range of maneuvering that we would need when moving in gravel and the RV.

We also had three smaller piles. One near the old woodpile, and the other two in the RV pad area that had been potential mushroom growing plots. They had to go as well, unfortunately, since they were in the way.

Most of the brush was combined into a massive pile of brush in the backyard of Cottage East, over eight feet tall, at least ten feet wide and about six feet deep.

Our little KCFD-compliant firepit. I miss our gartantuan one. Now THAT was a FIREPIT!!

A Little Bit of Fire

I also started a small fire in our firepit to clear out the decayed and broken pallets and some of the small brush pieces that were too small to stack. Over the next seven hours, the flames ate up plenty of discarded wood pieces, and small brush. I even burned some of those dreadful Japanese hop vines.

Who knows, I might add a few more today if the coals are still active.

We took it from here and put it…

Cherry Tree Relocated

We had a sweet cherry tree that was right in the way of where the RV would sit. We went back and forth on it and finally decided it needed to go.

So we dug it up, trying desperately to not break too many of the roots. I bought this tree from Fedco Trees and they have provided us with some excellent fruiting trees over the years so I really hoped it would survive the move.


It is now planted in our “crop garden” area, which was not planted at all this year.

It has the loose, sandy fill soil in it. A dream to dig in, believe me. After battling the thick clay soil for years, I felt rather spoiled.

Fingers crossed it survives.

A view of the future home of the Airstream. You can see the east driveway opening in the back there. Gravel should be laid down hopefully this Thursday afternoon.

Just Two More Steps

We are left with just two more steps, one before and one after.

I’ve asked Dave to schedule a gravel delivery on Thursday afternoon. We’ve calculated that we need a whopping 15 tons of gravel for the driveway and the RV bed area. Once that is in place, we are ready to move the Airstream and then it will be a push to get the sliding (and locking) gates in place.

This still leaves our front yard open, but the tall fence in the back will be a deterrent. We have another 3-4 panels┬áto install in the back of Cottage West, but at this point, the scritchy scratchy Japanese hops dominates that backyard. Anyone who really wants to walk through it will have a heck of a time and won’t leave without a rash.

So, spread gravel, finish gates and fence.

I can’t wait to pick up the Airstream on Saturday!

One Last Thing, How Could I Forget?!

If all of the hard work involved in fence building, tree moving and more wasn’t enough – Dave spent about three hours putting together our new platform bed to go with our new king size mattress.

We still have to install the drawers, and eventually the original mattress (seen under the new mattress) will go to live in Cottage East’s front bedroom.

I also need to find two matching lamps for the top, and a couple of organizing solutions for the headboard storage, but it’s looking good!

My granddaughter (she’s Em’s cat) Sugar looking out over the yard

I think we have finally found a bed that works and I couldn’t be happier. Plus now I have extra storage!

Well, once the drawers are installed I will.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, folks. Talk to you soon!

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